Our Story

Did you know, that 80% of a child’s brain growth and development, along with them learning their first 1000 words happen in the first three years of their lives? Research indicates that what happens in the early years is the foundation for the long-term success of a child.

The world is going digital, and so are our children. Virtual classroom, a concept that we were apprehensive about, has now become the new norm, time dictating.

Children they have started replacing the older, better mediums of books and journals with their tablets. Maybe it’s time to break this chain as well.

Wander Stamps is an educational and interactive shop for kids, with travel and nature at its core. While they get to learn about mathematics, science and history from their schools, we will help broaden their horizons to the world around us. 

We understand how a child’s language, cognitive and motor skills can be stimulated and enhanced with creative educational products. That is why, we have designed and developed a range of creative products, that will build up the curiosity amongst children, about nature, wildlife and the world around us.


Why choose us?

We listen. We take feedback very seriously and work on it actively. We aim to please, mainly the children, who we work passionately for!

It will be our continuous endeavour to come up with products that are sturdy, durable, of premium quality, which will combine learning with play.

We hope you find our products inspiring, and bring them into your home to share and enjoy with your children.



Pranjali Salaye Shastri