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Tips To Limit Your Travel Budget

Haven’t we all had those days when you’re reading up about a place, wanting to travel there but then you take a look at your bank balance and heave a sigh of despair? Yes, been there, done that. While you are instantly taken over by sadness at the thought of having lost another destination to high prices, there are some pretty useful travel tips that you can use in order to keep your travel budget in check, without heavy compromises.

Let’s take a look at those. 

1) Destination

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The destination you choose to travel to, plays a very important role on your budget. Now, if I’m fighting to collect pennies to fund my travel, I will hardly look at New Zealand as the probable choice. Do a little research about the economy of the place, see if the food and accommodation there is expensive. Go through some travel itineraries displaying prices so you have a further clarity on which destinations to omit. 

2) Flight or train

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While the time saver in you might argue that flights would be a better option, try to see whether if you take the train, how much time are you wasting as opposed to the money you are saving. If you decide that the proportion is not much, then opt for taking a flight and enlist where else you can save the money spent on flight. 

This argument mainly stays true for travel within India, as abroad during off-season, flights often prove to be cheaper as compared to trains (mainly while jumping countries). 

3) Accommodation

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This entirely depends on what you want out of this trip. If it is a leisure holiday, then comprising on the accommodation would be a bad idea as the whole essence of leisure is in good service, good hotel and hospitality. However, if you want a cultural experience, then staying in local hostels or homestays makes much more sense. Not only do you end up saving a lot of money, you also get to interact with the locals and get to experience their culture firsthand. 

Additionally, if you are travelling for longer duration, then you can also mix it up and start your holiday by staying in a hostel or homestay and end it with a leisurely break in a nice hotel. 

4) Food and drinks

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As much as possible, try and restrict to eating your meals at local restaurants, instead of opting to have them at the hotel you’re staying in. Food is a great way to learn about the culture of the place you’re traveling to. They say that each place has its own unique flavour. Discover them as you bite into the local cuisine. To give you a simple calculation, a bowl of Thukpa at the hotel you’re staying in Leh, would cost you INR 450, the same bowl would cost you roughly between INR 200-250 at a local restaurant. Ah the money saved! 

5) Sightseeing tours

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Whenever you book tours from any travel agent, they often stick you up with popular sightseeing tours. Next time someone quotes you that, ask them for a breakup of the tours, and then hand pick the ones that you find interesting and worth going on. You will not only save money, but also your time doing this. 

6) Transport

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If you are a timid traveler, then opting for a full vehicle for yourself might be ideal for you. But if you’re up to exploring the city on your own, then go ahead with local transport. Most of the cities in the world are tourist friendly and have good local transport connections. Do a little research on the same, and you can even pre-book your weekly travel pass once you decide to go ahead. Be bold and go local. 

These were some of our go-to tips to limit your travel budget. If you have some additional ones, then we’d love to hear about them! 

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