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Know Your Dinosaurs

399 GST

Dinosaurs may be extinct but the curiosity to know more about them never dies!

A fact-filled, Dinosaur themed memory card game.
Bonus – flip the cards and join the pieces to explore the dinosaur habitat!

The colourful dinosaurs will attract the children and the bright colours will stimulate their brains.

Put the cards down and match the dinosaurs with their pairs, their mirror images.

Memory game – Keep the cards downside up and flip them one by one to match the pairs and learn their names

Early Schooler:
Learn exciting facts about the dinosaurs.

Product Details:

  • 42 cards, 250 gsm glossy laminated
  • Size of each card – 3 x 4.2 inches
  • Front and back printed
  • Rounded corners, safe for children


Proudly made in India!


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