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A to Z: Birds of the World

399 GST

Did you know that an owl has three eyelids? Or that an eagle can detect UV light?

Introduce the children to fascinating birds with our beautifully designed flash cards, As they start to identify the animals, learn their names and facts!

The colourful birds will attract the children and the bright colours will stimulate their brains.

The children will learn to identify the birds and learn their names.

Cheer them on as they learn the birds’ names and their spellings.

Early Schooler:
Watch them learn exciting facts about the birds.

Product Details:

  • 26 cards, 250 gsm glossy laminated
  • Size of each card – 3 x 4.2 inches
  • Front and back printed
  • Rounded corners, safe for children


Proudly made in India!


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