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10 Overlooked Summer Destinations in Europe Not Many People Visit

Europe has become synonymous to the Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, Big Ben, Alps and the places that house these famous structures. Sure, they are wonderful but while most tourists flock to these more common and popular European countries, very few would rather explore their quiet partners. Europe is blessed with abundant natural beauty. Every corner of the continent unfolds a different mystical saga of serenity and splendor. 

If you ask 10 Indians where they want to travel to in Europe, 9 out of those 10 would opt for the popular European tourist circuit. While some might prefer the buzz of these populated places, others might simply be unaware of the parallel beauty that exists in all of these overlooked European destinations.

1) Luxembourg

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A tiny European nation with the archetypal colonial architecture which is adorned with castles, cobbled streets, greenery and tranquility. It is enveloped by France, Germany and Belgium which is why most people tend to overlook this place. You can easily explore this entire country in two to three days, so be sure to add it to your itinerary the next time you plan to visit Western Europe. 

2) Estonia

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Stony buildings, red tiled roofs, medieval architecture and Nordic food make up this country in Northern Europe. One of the least crowded countries in Europe, Estonia has the best air quality in the world. While in most countries the male to female ratio is tilted towards the former, Estonia boasts of a larger female population than its counterpart. 

3) Slovenia

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A paradise of snow-capped mountains, turquoise coloured rivers and a beautiful coastline, Slovenia will surely enchant you with its rustic culture. It is the first country in the world to be declared as a green tourist destination. From unique underground trains and mystical views of the Alps to the salty Mediterranean breeze, Slovenia puts a lot on display. 

4) Malta

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An ideal alternative to the more crowded Greece, Malta is full of generous and loving people, looking to welcome tourists in their lives. Malta is an island full of secrets. A lot of tourists especially visit this island for its perfect weather, sunny throughout which is atypical to the majority of European nations. Its crystalline waters make this one of the best places to go snorkeling. Be sure to visit the Azure Window and the Blue Grotto on your visit to this gorgeous place.

5) Latvia

Image courtesy: Emerging Europe

A Baltic country in Northern Europe, Latvia is best described as greenery, lakes and woods. It has only one major city, its cosmopolitan capital Riga. The rest of the country is full of quaint towns and villages giving you ample scope to explore the pristine nature all by yourself. There are multiple smaller treks and trails across the tranquil setting.  

6) Montenegro

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While Malta was an ideal substitute to Greece, Montenegro is the less crowded and equally beautiful alternative to Croatia. With its Venetian coastline and medieval architecture, Montenegro is yet to be fully consumed by the flocks of tourists. Watch this place liven up during the night and quiet down during the day. One of the places that conform to the belief of all good things come in small packages. 

7) Andorra

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A lot of people are unaware that there exists a country, lapped between Spain and France in the Pyrenees mountains, famous for its ski resorts and lovely boutiques. Introducing Andorra to all those. The capital city, Andorra La Vella is Europe’s highest capital cities and also the smallest. The main streets are lined up with some of the most exquisite art, décor and clothing shops. While winters see a good turnout of people on ski adventures, summers travels are reserved for its quiet trails. 

8) Monaco

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World’s second smallest country, Monaco is full of glistening sea, luxury yachts, casinos and a fun nightlife. Monaco has been a magnet for hedonist and high-profile people since the early 2000s. There are multiple walking tours available in the country, which enable you to explore the place on your own in a short span of two to three days. 

9) Finland

Image courtesy: Space Tourism Guide

Finland might be the happiest country in the world, but it is still less discovered and relatively untouched. While Iceland is currently drawing a lot of crowd thanks to Game of Thrones, Finland is an incredible alternative if you want to catch the Northern Lights. Home to the midnight sun, reindeer and husky sledges and Santa Claus village all year round, there is tons to do and see in Finland! 

10) Romania

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A country with rich cultural and natural diversity, this Eastern European country is vast and unexplored. From picturesque valleys, to virgin white sand beaches to black sea coasts, Romania is as dramatic as any country can get. The bustling capital Bucharest is known as the ‘little Paris’ due to its sophisticated charm. Romania is also home to several hot springs and natural spas, to comfort you physically and mentally. 

Have you visited any of these places? We’d love to hear what you have to say about them. 


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