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Meet the couple that sells coffee to travel the world

Vijayan and Mohana Vijayan are not just an enterprising couple, but also an inspiring one. While most of us are busy nurturing our travel dreams, this couple has actually made it happen by not just visiting 1 or 2 but 23 different countries by selling their tea and coffee.

Married for 45 years and almost 70 now, this couple own the Shree Balajee Coffee House in Kochi which gets roughly about 300-350 visitors daily and is only popular in their area. How is it still that they have managed to travel as much as they have? It’s pretty simple, through straight finances.

Every day out of the total sale, they keep aside INR 300 which goes in their travel savings. Before embarking on their journey, they take loan from bank and set sail. They spend very little on their trips which helps ease out the burden. Once they are back from their trip, they work towards repaying their loan which takes up to 3 years. After that, they repeat the same process.

So far, they have visited Brazil, UK, France, Egypt, Argentina and Peru. Next on their bucket list is Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Norway and Greenland.

Still think you are not young enough or don’t earn enough to travel? Watch their video and think again.

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