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India Is Set To Get Its First Underwater Museum in Puducherry

When you think of Puducherry, formerly known as Pondicherry you immediately start picturing a quaint French town, complete with white and floral architecture. That is soon to be updated. Puducherry is all set to be home to India’s first underwater museum.

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The Indian Navy, along with the Puducherry Government, the National Institute of Ocean Technology, National Centre for Coastal Research (two Chennai based national laboratories) and PondyCan, an NGO which works to preserve and enhance the natural, cultural and social environment have joined hands to make this possible. The Indian Navy has donated INS Cuddalore, a decommissioned minesweeper for the purpose of being revamped into a sea museum. The vehicle will be deployed in the seabed about 7 km from the coast of Puducherry at a depth of 26 metres. To visit the underwater museum in Puducherry, the tourists will have to dive into the ship.

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Image courtesy: Manda Divers

The purpose to set up an underwater museum is to boost the ecosystem of the region along with being a catalyst to increase the tourism.

While the exact date of the museum opening has not been declared yet, the work on making it happen has already begun.

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Image courtesy: The Times

This underwater museum in Puducherry is the perfect excuse to start planning your getaway to Puducherry.


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